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Pakistan Tourism | Travel to Kaghan Valley | BBQ During Snowfall | Discovering Pakistan


Pakistan Tourism | Travel to Kaghan Valley | BBQ During Snowfall | Discovering Pakistan

That day was full of excitement as we have to travel to Kaghan Valley. I still remember the days of my child hood when I visited the Kaghan Valley for the first time, at that time the route was very dangerous as the roads were not paved.

Kaghan Valley is an alpine vally in Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhuw province of Pakistan. Attracting tourism from throughout Pakistan.
Kaghan Valley is famous for its scenic beauty and landscapes, resulting in its popularity as a summer resort.
The best time to visit Kaghan Valley is summer, because in winter the glaciers block the roads leading to Kaghan Valley.
The Kaghan Valley is enveloped by the Lower Himalaya range, resulting in an alpine climate and the prevalence of pine forest and alpine meadows
Our journey to Kaghan Valley started from Lahore at early morning 5am by Suzuki Cultus through GT Road, there are two traveling options to Kaghan Valley which connects inter cities in Pakistan on is GT Road and other one is Moterway.
As we have to pick our fellow from Gujranwala for traveling to Kaghan Valley so we decided to travel on GT Road. This road is an important part of road networks of Pakistan’s neighboring.
We reach Gujranwala at 8am, after picking our friend we were craving for food we decided to visit Amratsari Restaurant in Main Bazar as it is very famous for Harisa.
Eva zu Beck a Travel Vlogger Thinks Pakistan Could Be the World’s No. 1 Tourism Destination
Discovering Pakistan is all about supporting the positive image of this Holy land and to bring tourism to this country. There are hundreds and hundreds of totally unexplored places in Pakistan, from the sand of Gwadar to the snow of Khunjerab, from the hustling life of Karachi to the serene valley of Kalash.

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