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The unintentional choice. #psychology #psychologypodcast #choice #abhayaman0204


The unintentional choice. #psychology #psychologypodcast #choice #abhayaman0204

Optimized for headphones 🎧🔊 Author l @abhayaman0204 Photo I @psychologyaman In this video, I touch upon “The Unintentional Choice”, and how the choices we are unaware of making can be the ones that keep us trapped in a moment in time. Thank you @abhayaman0204 for helping me bring this to life. #abhayaman0204#quotesdaily#quotesaboutlife #quotestoliveby #quotes#psychology #psychologytoday #psychologypodcast #choices

At any given time, you’re either focusing on what you fear or you’re focusing on what you want, but you can’t focus on both.

What that means is that if you don’t have what you want, it’s because you’re focusing on what you fear. That is the strongest possible reason that could ever stand in your way. Now let me clarify something, there are many fears in your life that don’t have to exist, and there are many ways to release them; and you can learn more about that on my Facebook page (Facebook.com/psychologyaman), but what’s really important to crystallize here is this: It’s not the existence of the fear that stops you, it’s that you’re choosing to focus on it.

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