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Jen Howk PhD – Psychology of Personality


Jen Howk PhD – Psychology of Personality

Jen Howk, PhD is an absolutely incredible psychologist and person! We had the most fascinating conversation about personality and the traits that make up personality.

This podcast is absolutely full of gems about what makes you into who you are and how to modulate your life to make the best of what you’ve been given. Take this conversation and download this into your memory, because it will positively change your understanding of personality!

Dr. Howk is a psychologist whose clinical interests are wide-ranging. She is especially interested in helping clients through problems of esteem processes, addiction and recovery, and mastering the pathways of human motivation.

Take your personality test to find out more about who you are on the spectrum of all 5 personality traits before my next podcast with Dr. Howk!

In the meantime, if any of this interested you and you know you could use some help, please reach out and schedule a session with Dr. Howk. You can book appointments on her website in the links below.

Give the podcast a rating and a review! It really helps me get the podcast out! Thank you! Tune back in for next week’s episode!


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